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I make music for fun, and I'd really love sound design and music to be my future. At the moment I'm still in school, so I don't make music full time yet. If you have suggestionz for me you can send them on discord (https://discord.gg/QqjF6267PV) or msg me

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Posted by supermelon-creations - 3 days ago

I officially have more fans than songs... Not really if I count the songs that I didn't upload to newgrounds, but than you can count my subs on youtube too.

Well doesn't matter, I'm thinking about releasing my recent songs on youtube too. Well, what I wanted to tell you all is, thank you so much for being here, wether it is from the beginning, or you judt joined, thank you all so much, and I hope to see you on my next song :D. Thxx


Posted by supermelon-creations - 7 days ago

I'm sorry for being inactive recently. I was too inspirationless, and I couldn't think of melody's and interesting sounds, but I'll be uploading a few new songs soon. One of my new songs will be a sequel to Wake Up. I'm also thinking about taking part in the art inspired contest, I just don't know for sure what art I should choose. I hope you look forward to it. :D.

Just uploaded it!



Posted by supermelon-creations - 1 month ago

I just released a new lofi song, go listen to it, very nice n vibe worthy, you can loop it, its loopable.



Posted by supermelon-creations - April 4th, 2021

I just hit the 30 fans mark... and it feels so good. Thx you all for following me on my journey, I love you all.

This already is far from what I expected when I started making music.

I started because my brother played a lot of music on the piano, and eventually he like made a song on his laptop. I wanted to try that to. Back than I just used a midi thing (my first song is actually on newgrounds: On Your Path). Around that time I got into geometry dash so I wanted to make something electronic. After a while I downloaded FL and started practicing... a lot. I tried everything out by myself, and I wanted to do it without toturials. eventually around 1.5 years ago I started to look on the internet for advice and I started learning a lot. Also the artist I'm inspired by are: MDK, Teminite, Sterrezo, Xtrullor and all those. Mostly the ones well known for their songs being used in rhythm games. And I'm also very inspired by my brother till this day. These days I've gotten quite a lot better with my most recent song being: Wake Up. where I learned that you can change pitch of samples to specefic notes pretty easily and used that to make voicecuts.

Also I'm working on a lofi song again, just like Spacious Stars.

Just wanted to tell you all this, thx for reading and see ya next time :D



Posted by supermelon-creations - March 31st, 2021

Yesterday I've been working on a song which I really liked, it was a little repetitive but I liked it. I completed it in one day and I'm really proud of it. I'll be uploading the song tomorrow (if possible). It was the first time for me to make house (even though I'm not completely sure if it is house, because the drums might be too heavy and lead too high, you'll see).

I hope you look forward to it, and have a nice day.

Edit: just released the song, here it is.


Posted by supermelon-creations - March 15th, 2021

I'm very excited to aee the results, even though I didn't participate. I'd have loved to but I started too late, and I'm really bad at making something sound orchestral... Yeh didn't expect that did ya... Wait you did. :c

Also listen my new song, its very cool.



Posted by supermelon-creations - March 9th, 2021

My most recent song is one of my best songs so far, I feel like this is again one of those big steps up again. I'd appreciate if you give it a rating and maybe give tips on what can be better in it, though the end is a bit rushed and I'm aware of that. Well thank you for reading this little message, I appreciate you.

here's the song:



Posted by supermelon-creations - March 1st, 2021

Recently I've been working on a new song, hopefully I can finalize it tomorrow and upload it tomorrow too, it's a kind of dubstep song. (It will contain a synth that I made more than a year ago and just found recently, but you probably wont notice it, I just really like it!)


it's finished now


Posted by supermelon-creations - February 24th, 2021

Yesterday I've been working on a remix, the song I remixed is called Hold On by NeoNVoltz. When I first heard the song I loved it so much that I instantly asked for permission to remix it and I quickly got it. I didn't really knew what to do until yesterday, but I restarted yesterday and finished it in one day, I'm going to upload it today.