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I make music for fun, and I'd really love sound design and music to be my future. At the moment I'm still in school, so I don't make music full time yet. If you have suggestionz for me you can send them on discord (https://discord.gg/QqjF6267PV) or msg me

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Album? maybe?

Posted by supermelon-creations - July 26th, 2021

okay so for the last few days I haven't uploaded any songs, that's because I'm trying to make an album. The songs are supposed to flow into each other with ambience, but like I don't know if I'm allowed to upload it like that on newgrounds. Becuase I want the songs at least seperatly available for use, for example if people want the songs for geometry dash. so should I upload the album as 1 big song and after that upload the songs seperatly or just keep them seperated and put the whole album onto youtube as 1 big video? idk I'll see what I'll do.

I just felt like letting you guys know what I'm doing.

Okay if you want to know what kind of album it is, it is a summer based mostly future bass type of album. Don't be disappointed though, becuase I accidentally made the 4th song too "extreme" but I'm gonna keep it that way. So far I've made the 2nd, 3rd and 4th song. I only need a slammer of an opening, and a calm and chill ending. The first song I made was the song I want as the second in the album. I originally made that as a "speedrun" because I had to leave soon for the trip I went on with scouts. But when I was there I had a lot of time to think, and all of a sudden I got the idea to turn it into a full album with at least 5 songs.... and it's probably gonna be 5 songs because otherwise I'll probably throw the project away. Well I look forward to releasing the album and I hope you'll like it. I want to finish it around the end of this week and I hope I can reach that goal, otherwise it's gonna take 2 weeks of waiting again before I can finish it.

thx for reading and see u next time :D


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just do what i plan to do with m i c r o t o n e s; do both, upload all the songs seperately and a marathon

so just 5 seperate songs, and all of them in 1 song? I made em flow into each other so I can putt em all in 1